More than ever, the project of the

Biodynamic Retreat is gaining meaning.

Projected as a protected and private space surrounded

by the pure and turquoise waters of the South Pacific islands, this space is a self-managed space-temple,

where the most important thing is the energetic and

body wellness through the methods of chromatic

wellness developed by Adras during more than 40 years.

The Biodynamic Retreat is a complex of high

standing wood cabins to live, where organic food

is grown in your garden, no chemicals or pesticides

are used, a place where nature and animals are loved,

a self-sustaining project in order to live in contact with the mother earth and use respectful their benefits to heal.

This incredible space has its Balance Art section,

a concept conceived by both artists where art can help

us to get the perfect balance and wellness in different levels through beautiful, colorful and energetic art.

The balance art are decorative canvas, energetic jewellery, luminiscent sculptures, chromatic clothing...

A truly magic world of art to enhance your inner spirituality and your vital energies.

Nowadays, the idea to create the heaven on earth

is more important than ever, because the world is increasingly in a process of destruction thanks to the actions that egoist man carries out without control day after day ... polluted waters, synthetic food, popullation control, instability, loss of values...

- Maybe it changes, Maybe not -

There are those who want to change the world,

and we tryed it during so many years... nothing was change, because we are not titans, and we do not try.

We end to understand that for us, is better to

create a small world apart for unique people who

love the natural life and self-sustainance.

We can change the attitude and create a more beautiful future, every one can change their future it's important to do it by yourself, not wait that others done it for you.

Our idea of a bright future is creating a protected,

pure and unique space to develop our authentic being in peace but with a hig level quality of life and energy.

This is the ultimate objetive of Biodynamic Retreat

If you feel this words inside of your soul...

We invite you to be part of this project,

be part of this unique and outsider future.

- Contact us to participate -