The magic of color is a mystery that must be revealed with delicacy, respect and attention because they are noble and curious and

usually also childish and pleasant.

Understanding color is not a simple task,

it is not deciding that this color is one way

or another, it is finding out from its essence

what the color wants to show and tell us.

With chromo-therapy, humanity has accepted concepts about color that they are far from reality.

After more than 40 years of chromatic observation and experimentation we can assure you that the world of color is as complex as the human essence.

In fact, our essence, the magic of our being

resides directly in the color that we emanate.

It's impossible to understand color if humans,

find ourselves in a chromatic imbalance,

this could be the most relevant reason why

the chromatic application is a secondary

holistic technique despite the fact that

it involves unlimited power.

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