The magic of color is a mystery that must be revealed with delicacy, respect and attention because they are noble and curious and

usually also childish and pleasant.

Understanding color is not a simple task,

it is not deciding that this color is one way

or another, it is finding out from its essence

what the color wants to show and tell us.

With chromo-therapy, humanity has accepted concepts about color that they are far from reality.

After more than 40 years of chromatic observation and experimentation we can assure you that the world of color is as complex as the human essence.

In fact, our essence, the magic of our being

resides directly in the color that we emanate.

It's impossible to understand color if humans,

find ourselves in a chromatic imbalance,

this could be the most relevant reason why

the chromatic application is a secondary

holistic technique despite the fact that

it involves unlimited power.

It may be that the lack of balance in the color code

is the reason why humanity has accepted willingly that

an active, lively, cheerful, restless and talkative

color like the GREEN color, has been related to

the concept of relaxation ... tha's a great mistake.

To try to understand why GREEN ended up relegated

to a position that does not apply to him, we can imagine that one day someone went to the forest

and without a doubt, felt more relaxed ... so

simply this person attributed to green, the magical

gift of relaxation, concept truly related with blue.

But because we feel calm in the green forest, it does not mean that green is the color of relaxation.

The reason is that our energy by being in contact with the primordial source of life, that is basically green

( related with the forest or nature as well) is relaxed and feels at ease, calm, peaceful, protected ...

But really we go to sleep on the green forest or

the vast majority of us love to go for a walk or

to develop deportive activities there?

Yes it's true, a good nap in the forest is incredible but it's because we are in touch with the mother earth and then, we will wake up with more energy than ever...

For years, we have applied the Green color to

hundreds of people who felt stagnant, discouraged, asthenic, sad ... The result is a fierce, lively and

happy activity, wanting to talk, dance, run ...

even with insomnia during the night due to

such physical and mental activity!

The color simply speaks for itself, you just have

to feel it and hear it with patience and respect,

colors are inteligent energies and we can interact

with them if we are open minded and clear.

Thus, the color code due to misunderstanding,

lack of respect and attention or for pre-stablished

and easy concepts, has been and will be the most misunderstood code of the existence.

All we are color, all of us are modeled in character and shape by color, but no one can see or feel it, even those who intuit it are confused by the pre-established and usually misleading concepts that circulate in droves ... that's why color simply doesn't it works in its entirety when we speak of holistic application.

Discover with La Méthode d'Adras, the authentic essence of color frequencies and learn how to get the most out of these getting incredible results in your

self -care or professional application.

Toni Soler, Spanish Jourlanist 1986

" Whith his concept of colors, Adras has rescued those who life has condemned to live in black and white "

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